Red Carpet Customer Service

November 7, 2014

ID-10028585Eric Schiffer’s Forbes article sounds like a page right from a Dale Carnegie book. What does that mean? Well, it means he hits the nail right on the head as to what it means to create a customer-centric atmosphere.

He starts by talking about imagining Beyonce as one of your clients. Don’t care for Beyonce? That’s fine – think of Tom Brady, President Obama or Kate Hudson. You get the point. How would you treat them if they wanted your product or service? Chances are you would do whatever it took to get the job done – all with a smile on your face. Schiffer throws out an interesting stat: “51% of consumers change brands because of poor customer service.” Wow! Could you be losing half of your potential because your customer service is lacking?

No worries, now is the time to get it back on track. Notably, these takeaways from Schiffer’s article require little stress with a lot of payoff:

1. Get Curious

Dale Carnegie talks a lot about listening (Anyone else chuckle reading that? But it’s true – and helpful!). When you’re able to learn what a person likes and dislikes – what they want and how they want it – it allows you to serve them better. Like Schiffer says, “You can’t deliver [what they want] if you don’t know what it is.”

2. Crush the Details

“Make a powerful, emotionally-charged connection.” One of the biggest differences in customer service is those who pay attention and address the details. Sometimes this can seem tiring, but it doesn’t cost anything and, in fact, can be exactly what helps you nail that red carpet client. Make the commitment today to choose excellence. To choose to listen, learn and tend to the details. This choice will allow you – personally and professionally – to grow in leaps and bounds.


For all of Eric Schiffer’s customer service suggestions, visit his article here:


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