7 Reasons to Engage Small Business Employees

August 22, 2014

Group_000001528961Medium_000Small businesses here in New Jersey enjoy a number of advantages over their “big box” competitors. Clients often find that small businesses offer important one-on-one relationships and small businesses today can often change on a dime and make adjustments quickly and effectively when process improvement is needed.

However, as flexible and nimble as these businesses can be, they have their share of trials as any size company does. One of the biggest challenges is recruiting and training employees who will stay with the business a long time. Investing in employees can be a big expense if the people hired move to a larger company or the competition because of larger salaries or improved benefits.

Keeping employees engaged with leadership and responsibility is the number one reason people stay and enjoy long careers in small businesses today. The bottom line benefits and in this still sluggish economy every advantage helps.

Dale Carnegie Training suggests that employees who are engaged in small business environments:

  • Feel valued and appreciated
  • Believe in empowerment and idea generation
  • Invest the time for learning and the true benefits of growth
  • Offer opinions through honest communication and information sharing that focus on goals and objectives
  • Build relationships through opportunity and teamwork
  • Participate in business meetings because they have a professional stake in business success
  • Bring confidence and a commitment to work every day

Employee engagement creates a variety of overall opportunity in business environments that offer quick changes to fix issues and concerns without the larger bureaucratic inertia of much larger environments.

An empowered and involved workforce brings value that helps to achieve the company mission and build on its core values. Engagement strengthens the corporate culture and improves the work climate.

The key difference between a small and large company is solely dependent on the quality of the employees. Loyalty and engagement go together as we head to the end of 2014. Involvement makes the difference.

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