5 Ingredients for Cultural Excellence

July 2, 2014

stock photo CultureProductivity and 2014 make this year a good one for both opportunity and success. Organizational culture is the active ingredient for both teamwork and focus here in our part of New Jersey. Culture is an interesting phenomenon because it is a common sharing of values, attitudes, and behaviors that are formed though cooperation and internal community. As a mindset for opportunity, it is a blend of leadership, service, sales, and operations; it involves and affects everyone from the front line employee to each and every supplier and customer. In essence, it is what the company is known for and it creates an array of expectations.

Cultural excellence consists of five very important ingredients:

  • Every single member buys into both the vision and the values.
  • There is always clear, open, and honest communication.
  • Training and learning support education and the sharing of information.
  • There is a constant focus on definable and measurable processes.
  • Every goal and objective strives toward attainable success.

Delivering quality products, services, and experiences; doing everything in the right and ethical way; carrying core beliefs that make the difference; the constant mission towards success; the list can go on and on, but the priorities of team commitment and individual success drive achievement for and to everyone who contributes to the bottom line.

Dale Carnegie Training believes in a solid foundation of cultural activity that establishes solid relationships and ethical exchange that builds on the talents of everyone. The important difference between cultural excellence and cultural dysfunction is the sharing of both suggestions and ideas without expectations of personal gain. It is instead the focus on collective success that moves everything forward. Culture is driven by many and is shared by all.

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