Is Success a Team Sport?

June 4, 2014

Dale Carnegie TrainingSuccess is a team sport here in New Jersey and across the region. It takes everyone in the collective organization to assess vision, tasks and change. In fact, to create growth and opportunity, these critical factors are all interwoven with the clear focus for teambuilding, commitment and enthusiasm as every employee heads in the right directions.

Dale Carnegie Training offers five important factors that support the management challenge to improve process every day:

  • Communication: Clear, effective and honest thoughts and ideas that are exchanged within relationships grow businesses and loyalty; a win-win situation.
  • Leadership: Managing opportunity with fairness and cooperation moves goals and objectives forward with the results that can make a difference.
  • Attitude: Every single employee and manager has to build success through optimism, flexibility, openness, and approach. Flexibility is a key ingredient for teamwork.
  • Skills: The interpersonal skills of listening, problem solving, and decision making have to be trained and reaffirmed  each and every day. The improvement of these skills helps to manage the workplace stressors.
  • Confidence: The ability to take on risk, and the self-assurance to recover from mistakes and errors, can make or break growth as we still move slowly in the economy. There is strength in both numbers and success.

The key is to continually ask the organization what it can do differently to improve both process and opportunity. What will make the team and the business better? It is a daily question that must be asked as process and success objectives are assessed and redefined.

The Dale Carnegie Principles and their focus on people place the right emphasis on achievement. Success only happens through the leadership and the employees. As we speed through to the second half of 2014, it is something we all must remember. Together success happens.

As we head into summer, check our events summary page on the Dale Carnegie Training website to see the latest in our courses and seminars.


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