9 Training Factors that Positively Influence Organizations

May 19, 2014

jscreationzs 3Many organizations consider training and employee education just a necessary evil. It is usually something that the Human Resources department does when new hires come on board to discuss the employee handbook.  Many businesses across New Jersey manage smaller teams. Expenses are important. The economy is still in recovery mode and it is important for management to assess profitability every single day. Organizations, large and small have to continue to focus on engaging people, and getting and giving them value. Engagement can increase results and the bottom-line.

Employee training is an important aspect of this business equation. Yet, at times, it is still not considered a “must-have” cross-sectional component for both opportunity and growth. Managers and peers might do some training, but it isn’t considered a high priority investment. As we all know; training is indeed a pay it forward investment in people.  In this economy it is essential to maintain growth and a competitive edge.

Let’s look at nine factors of training from a Dale Carnegie perspective:

  • Trust: Leadership and employee build bonds through learning.
  • Teamwork:  Everyone is on the same page bettering process.
  • Retention: Loyalty increases when employees are involved.
  • Evaluation: Training sessions define strengths and weaknesses.
  • Development: New skills can be developed in group activity.
  • Need: Improvement must be a continuing process. It takes focus and practice.
  • Engagement: Involving everyone collectively increases the talent together for additional opportunity and the mutual exchange of ideas.
  • Competitive edge: Competition means everyone gets better.
  • Mission and culture: Goals and objectives are the foundation of every successful organization. Professional training gives strategy to both and solidifies direction.

Education and process improvement are assets in employee development. At Dale Carnegie Training we will support vision and mission.

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