10 Factors for Organizational Change

April 24, 2014

change JZThe best thing about organizational change is that is always happening in the workplace environment. Change affects every aspect of the business from the employees to the mission and the culture. And change is both simple and complicated. Here in New Jersey, we deal with change every single day. As soon as the blend of processes and people mix together adjustments have to happen.

The skill of any leader is facilitating only the changes that make the organization better. The challenge for everyone in the company is to realize that change can have different outcomes in different areas of the business.

The game plan for positive change and success has 10 factors derived from the Carnegie Principles:

  • Assessment: Focus on definable and manageable possibilities
  • Preparation: Involve everyone in launch and definition
  • Engagement: Small teams work well creating ideas for the entire organization
  • Direction: Steer the process in a single, rather than in multiple paths
  • Motivation: Goals and objectives must be completed with enthusiasm and teamwork
  • Communication: Being on the same page requires an effective message
  • Implementation: There is always action after discussion
  • Adjustments: Flexibility is essential
  • Review: Look at both the history and the current situation
  • Outcome: Once the target is created, move forward

Once the change proposal has met expectations, it needs a final review for both predicted outcome and expectations. It has to be remembered that everyone must be behind the change, large or small, and that employee engagement is the only avenue for permanent change to take place.

The Carnegie Principles that involve winning friends and influencing people always support and facilitate implementation. The lines of communication must remain in place during the various stages. Remember that adjusting and improving change will also increase results and success.

Success will always involve change and adaptation. Through people everything is possible.


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