4 Strategies in Leadership

March 27, 2014

jscreationzs 3Leaders know that businesses and organizations must get a little better every day as we move deeper into 2014. Engagement, involvement, and teamwork are the common activity across companies and they bring success to our part of New Jersey. Every business involves people, although the emphasis changes from service to products. The best leadership must also be good at building and maintaining relationships. By building bonds with the employee and customer, management improves trust and increases visibility and reputation.

In essence, being connected to the wants and needs of others is incredibly important to leaders in today’s fast paced organizations.

Here are four strategies, derived from Dale Carnegie Training that will really help everyone with responsibility to learn and grow in respect and effectiveness:

  • Be visible and active:  Visibility is essential in leadership today. The days of closed doors and appointment only “visitations” are long gone. Consider becoming contributing members of the local chamber of commerce or volunteering to mentor young leadership. Keep an open office policy place for employees to take advantage of when situations arise.
  • Be the “Go to” professional: Being the expert gives managers a distinct advantage when growing opportunity and success.
  • Have ethics and accountability: It is okay to take risks and fail at times. It is human to make mistakes. When failure occurs, admit what happened and move forward. It is how professionals learn.
  • Believe in the strength of people: Nothing happens until individuals get involved. This action creates opportunity and success.

Sometimes it is just simply connecting people together and improving relationships. Leadership is engagement. In Leadership Mastery, first released in 2000 by Dale Carnegie & Associates, the “secret sauce” is to challenge yourself and others to greatness. Inspiration and motivation are the key ingredients.


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