5 Ingredients for Effective Leadership

February 27, 2014

jscreationszs circleConnecting with people across the organization builds trust and engagement for both leadership and management.  Effective leadership is essential in 2014 in both New Jersey and the country as we grow and learn through the Carnegie Principles. In today’s fast paced companies, leadership must fit the needs of everyone to be successful. Leaders must use all aspects of team building and mission to seek opportunity.

It takes advancement and inspiration to grow in business today and everyone in the organization has to be actively involved.

Let’s look at five important ingredients needed for effective leadership:

  • Open and honest communication: Regardless of responsibility and duties, everyone must contribute to growth and opportunity. Leaders must leave their desks and learn from subordinates. Those ideas need to be shared. Asking questions starts the process.
  • Assessor of processes and methods: The success of the organization creates momentum. Value must be a core value and continuous internal and external adjustments make decision making and problem solving solid and steady.
  • Visionary: Gathering data that are focused on cooperation and activity can act as a road map for both goals and objectives. Looking at the current situation tell us a lot about the days ahead.   
  • Trainer for performance: The important role Dale Carnegie Training plays in an organization is valuable for both organization and the employee. The foundation for success starts with good hiring and training.
  • Strategist for growth: The strategy of seeing what is specifically needed instead of what might be needed for growth can help solve problems and jump start improvements that maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses.

It should be the core mission of every leader to be actively committed to produce results that benefit everyone working in the business. Through people productivity and relationships go hand-in-hand.


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