Creating Change Through Positive Feedback

December 16, 2013

ID-100202182To bring about change in the workplace, instead of criticism, which can wound pride and arouse resent, try using positive feedback with your employees. The resentment that criticism engenders can demoralize employees, and still not correct the situation that has been condemned. Sharp criticism and nonstop rebukes almost invariably end in futility.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to stop trying to do everything for ourselves and start leading others to do those things for us. Continue to watch your employees’ performances, but instead of reprimanding, coach them on how to improve. Then show your employees that you actually trust that they can do what it is you want them to do.

The key to success in this is not to forget to give praise, positive feedback and celebrate successes. Any good professional behavior on the part of your employee deserves your attention as much as any bad behavior does. Both cases provide an opportunity for your company to foster progression. Using only the latter scenario to better your company will leave you with few success stories and an increasing level of mutual resentment. Appealing to one’s pride is actually much easier than trying to lead someone to change.

Remember that people want to be recognized for the good work they’ve done. Positive feedback and appreciation will foster not only the personal bonds between you and your coworkers, but between your employees and the very work they are there to do. Provide your workers with encouragement, and be grateful for all effort being put forth.

If you must criticize, make sure your criticism is constructive. Instead of condemnation, try understanding why it is that your workers are not making strides toward a goal you expect them to own. Do they truly understand the goal that you supposedly share? Consider the problems that your workers might be having. Consider employing sympathy, tolerance and kindness.

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