6 Ingredients for Employee Engagement

December 5, 2013

jscreationzs 3How efficient is your business as leaders and teams race to the end of 2013? It is the holiday season and it is indeed the time of year to press ahead with energy and commitment. New Jersey is known across the East Coast as the state that just keeps getting better. But we all know there are organizations here in the Garden State that need help and support to grow. Employee engagement is essential in every situation. The old adage, power to the people still rings true today. Employees must always feel empowered.  Some organizations run the way they run. Almost like cruise control, things never change  when increased opportunities and profitability are just an employee away..

Employees and management are the most efficient conduits the business or organization has to grow and prosper. Paying attention to ideas and problem solving suggestions helps, but creating an action plan is critical.

Encourage each employee to:

  • Set personal goals and objectives
  • Take chances to grow
  • Offer ideas and suggestions that make things more efficient
  • Openly communicate to management leadership
  • Accept mistakes and learn from them
  • Contribute in every meeting

The strategies for productivity come from employees who want success and growth. Everyone has the same amount of time each and every day. Make the best use of employees by involving and engaging them.

Here is the great news for 2014.Employee engagement and involvement can promote planning and increased profitability. The best changes are always employee-driven. Allow risk and mistakes and the business will grow. Getting things done in less time and ending every work day more satisfied as a team provides the best avenue for success as we head quickly into 2014!

The foundation of Dale Carnegie Training is employee engagement. Let this often grassroots process work for your organization. The benefits will last for years.


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