Top Five Reasons People are Motivated to Buy

November 11, 2013

ID-100144681For sales professionals, analyzing the reasons people buy something is a life-long endeavor. The sub categories are as widely varied as life itself including—but certainly not limited to—family, romance, health, independence, and recreation. In the final analysis, it always comes down to what motivates an individual, and what you must do to captivate him or her, and show how the benefits of a product will enhance his or her life.

In his 1948 book, Tested Salesmanship, Elmer Wheeler, the famed salesman and author that came up with the “sell the sizzle, not the steak” mantra, breaks down the reasons people buy something into five psychological motivators. These five hot buttons are still as valid today as when Wheeler wrote them. Here they are from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Central & Southern New Jersey:

Importance — Wheeler used psychologist Alfred Adler as evidence that the need to feel superior is the number one motivator for people to purchase something.

Appreciation — The need to feel appreciated is the underlying reason many people leave their jobs—and their spouses.

Approval — Everyone wants to be liked by other people. Attaining the sense of approval from others will cause someone to go to extremes—even if it’s to the detriment of their own good.

Ease — People are fundamentally lazy. We want things easily, quickly, and to do things with the least amount of effort.

Success — The definition of “success” is personal to each and every one of us. For some it could mean money, security, or a bigger house. For others it is watching their children grow up to be productive members of society. Whatever it may be, it is your job to define that motivator in your prospect.

Keep these motivators in mind as you market and sell your product or service in your sales career. Chances are you’ll see your closing rate skyrocket!

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