12 Sales Secrets that Bring Success

September 18, 2013

stuart Miles sales (2)Sales across New Jersey drive virtually every business in the Garden State. In fact, ethical sales professionals often have solid, long and productive careers. It was once said that nothing happens in a product or service organization until something is sold to a client or consumer. That is very true in this still “slower than we want”economy. Selling for a living is a truly dynamic experience if you learn it well. In sales, people can make as much as they want or as little as they want depending on motivation and results.

Dale Carnegie Training offers a variety of courses and seminars that make sense for the hard working professional. As many in our training profession know, effective sales techniques help build sales success. Training in most cases provides an excellent foundation and it usually grows sales. There is increased motivation and renewed energy after taking a Dale Carnegie course. Achieving professional success is often hard work, but it is hard work that can pay off in customer loyalty.

Jeffry Gitomer is the super salesperson who is helping to sharpen sales training strategies across the Carnegie World.

Here are twelve Carnegie sales secrets and key principles that make selling a success:

  • Believe in yourself and others will believe in you
  • Positive people bring positive results; be around them
  • Be a daily and life-long student of sales
  • Reduce the fear of rejection through the value of what you do
  • Acceptance and respect brings it back to you
  • Take a genuine interest in everyone you meet
  • Give the client ideas not sales pitches
  • Sell based on the customer’s wants and needs
  • Discover the true objection, isolate it and eliminate it  
  • Build relationships and you will earn referrals
  • Never take anything personally. Mistakes and complaints happen.
  • Keep in touch with every client after the sale

Take selling a day at a time. One key difference for success is customer loyalty. Make that the key advantage.


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