5 Areas for True Employee Engagement

September 12, 2013

jzcreationsz goalsThere is always some form of change going on in our organizations here in New Jersey. Managing and finding employees can often be a challenge. Turnover does happen here along the east coast and across the state. Many leaders often consider it a normal part of doing business. With retention a concern, and with people changing jobs and careers, how do companies and organizations keep the best employees?

Five areas of process management for employee engagement and retention are important guides:

  • Assessing and Interviewing candidates: In the interview session, a job description should be presented along with the culture, mission and core values. Being ethical, honest and truthful about what the candidate will experience might minimize hiring concerns.
  • First week:  It is essential that new employees partner with more seasoned personnel to get a sense of both rules and normal activities. Early assimilation lessens any issues and problems and opens up communication for growth and opportunity.
  • Preparation and feedback: Clear and understanding expectations are important reasons that help employees achieve success. A summary of performance objectives improves responsibility and accountability. Training is critical.
  • Engagement: Paying positive attention to all employees and involving them in goals and objectives gives the business the chance to be committed to common purpose.
  • Right fit/ right job: If there are employees not fit for certain responsibilities, assess and move each one into another job that improves what they do. Sometimes a simple realignment creates positive results.

Employees here in New Jersey are very concerned with job security and stability. Any threat to that increases stress and decreased performance. Open communication and flexible and skilled management can make a great difference.

Engagement and fit can increase opportunity and decrease turnover. Nothing in business is more important than people.


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