Baby Boomers & the Carnegie Principles

September 1, 2013

Being in good organizations and performing at top level is always positive for employees in this still growing economy.  What is interesting, especially here in New Jersey is that many workers are over age 50 are still earning a living and are very productive in every role within business. From sales to leadership, Baby Boomers still play a great role in our local economic environment.

In fact, Baby Boomer leaders and managers should really be in high demand across the United States. According to a recent study, the average CEO is 55. In fact, our own Mr. Dale Carnegie was still growing his training organization well into his 60’s. Along the East Coast, there are a number of talented Baby Boomers with a great experience who are looking for new opportunities.  There is no better time than 2013 to continue careers that come with a vast array of experience.  Organizations and companies can use this invaluable human capital to make the team better.  Individuals of this quality have more than a “silver” lining.

These four unique qualities only come from time:

  • Knowledge: The only way to gain knowledge is experience. The more experience, the more seasoned for challenges ahead.
  • Insight: Years Decades of problem solving and decision making just allow Boomers to make good judgments based on wisdom.
  • Enthusiasm: Younger employees always look to more senior workers and managers who have continued to be successful over the years.
  • Appeal: This generation has a history based on experience. They focus with a depth of courage and understanding.

Baby Boomers are in a continued position to be involved with strong organizations that are based on values,  beliefs, and attitude.  Because they have witnessed the big picture over time, they are able to manage and work across the generations with the continued focus of creating opportunity for every member of the organization.

When the workforce is based on time and experience, it will always be focused on asking the right questions not just giving the right answers. The principles of Dale Carnegie can be applied at any age.


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