4 Strategies for Leadership and Coaching

July 31, 2013

jzcreationsz teamAttitude is everything in business. Here in New Jersey, a positive attitude means additional success and increased opportunity every single day. The right attitude makes the difference. It is important to note that the right attitude is also reinforced by leadership and coaching.

In fact, attitude is one of the critical aspects of effective coaching. Positive and energetic employees mean leadership spends less time dealing with the challenges of resistance and slow decision making and problem solving. Yet at times, some people resist change. It is a normal part of everyone’s behavior.

In organizations, employees resist change for three reasons:

  • People do not see the need for change
  • People simply do not want to change
  • People believe that change is not possible for them

Whenever employees in the company are asked to change without their buy-in, leadership can create and meet resistance. Communication is essential to create the right culture, the right climate and of course, the right attitude to allow the organization to move forward.

By creating the optimum atmosphere for risk and growth, people will soon be consistently motivated to perform at high levels.

Good coaches focus on four key strategies:

  • Leadership: Consistency and visibility are important
  • Communication: Openness and the willingness for feedback can make a difference
  • Trust: Once honesty and ethics are established, relationships grow
  • Commitment: The team is too important for anything else

By allowing true employee engagement, goals and objectives are completed more easily and with greater efficiency. Ensuring the right resources are in place is important too. Give the employees the equipment, the training, the information, and the support to nurture the right attitudes for both productivity and success. Paying positive attention to the workforce and involving them in key decisions, places opportunity in their laps  and that is what good leadership and management wants in the first place. After all, attitude is everything.


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