7 Factors of Leadership Training

July 23, 2013

jscreationszs circleSince 1912, Dale Carnegie Training has instilled the principles of leadership and management excellence in companies across the New Jersey and around the world. Leadership that has Carnegie focus and success begins with an appreciation of people. Achievement in business must come from within and from everyone, from the manager to employee. All must be on the same page. It is the key to employee engagement.

The fundamentals of leadership are nothing new when assessed and understood. Common sense and the basic ingredients of people first must be facilitated each day as growth and challenge combine together to make everyone stronger in this still slow economy.

As we head into August and the back half of 2013, leadership must remember seven time-tested factors that make Dale Carnegie Training the best option for your corporate team:

  • Integrity: People follow leaders they believe in
  • Skill: Consistency and a focus on excellence create an environment of potential for everyone
  • Interpersonal Abilities: Communication is essential and the ability to listen and learn is even more important
  • Trust: These factor makes for good leadership and even better organizations
  • Believability: It is through honesty and effort that employees turn into teams 
  • Respect: This aspect of leadership is always earned through hard work and reputation. It is one of the most important.
  • Support: No one is an island.  Success is a team sport. From the bottom to top of an organization, facilitating strategy is the essential ingredient for growth

As all of us know, leadership in 2013 is constantly challenged needed to complete critical goals and objectives. Our leadership, just like Dale Carnegie did when he set the example, must focus on others to maximize the success of everyone.


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