How the Best Leaders Pave the Way to Engagement: Course in June

May 19, 2013

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Leadership can make or break organizations here in New Jersey. It is really on the shoulders of both leadership and management to create a continuous flow of employee engagement.  Engagement is an active ingredient that supports growth, opportunity and success.  It is so powerful that the culture and climate truly define it. Positive employees are indeed the visible face of the organization. They help with strategic goals. They shape the organization, and as senior leadership, you drive implementation that achieves corporate goals and optimistic vision. You are the true chief architect of employee engagement.

Dale Carnegie’s executive research has identified and defined the specific behaviors needed to create maximum engagement. These behaviors are the components to build and increase buy-in to your vision, trust in your judgment, and willingness and desire to make it happen with you.

To learn what this leadership research has uncovered and how you as senior leadership can implement the findings, please join us for this very unique and special two-hour employee engagement workshop.

How the Best Senior Leaders Pave the Way to Engagement will introduce a five-step model for creating and maintaining a culture of engagement at your organization. You will walk away with principles and actions you can implement to enhance belief and trust in senior leadership and pave the way to engagement.

Here are the course ingredients:

  • What drives engagement and why it matters
  • Senior leadership attributes leading to engagement
  • The five steps for creating and maintaining an engaged workforce
  • How to build belief and trust in senior leadership

Scheduled for Wednesday June, 19, 2013 in Hamilton, if you are a Carnegie-focused executive, this is the session for you and others in your leadership ranks.

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