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March 20, 2013

stuart miles keyMany customers here in New Jersey are especially focused on getting the best deal for everything regardless of product or service. Counter that with the fact that many salespeople want to make a good living, especially if it is commission-based. How do the two factions work together for both goals and objectives? Since there are thousands of commissioned salespeople in our area and even more frugal customers, there has to be clear ingredients is to build value.  The following is based on the Carnegie Principles of mission and openness.
First be competitive: Your presentation has to be driven by the marketplace. Price is never an issue when value has been created. Fair price and profit truly can go hand-in-hand.

Partner with the customer: Ask questions. Build rapport. Do it together. Needs and wants only come through conversation.

Ray Kroc said when he launched his fast food business: “Look after the customer and the business will take care of itself.”

Listen to your customer:  Give them a chance to tell you their story and give them information in exchange. So do your homework as well.  Give your client what Mr. Carnegie taught his students almost 80 years ago, a fair and honest experience. The profit will come. If done right, it is the byproduct of the opportunity.

Remember, the four dollar bread you bought at the grocery store did not cost the store four dollars. The five dollar salad at the restaurant did not cost it them 5 dollars to make. There is absolutely no problem with customers allowing some profit. It is how a business stays a business. The lights will not stay on long if a company is breaking even. Profit means stability and a pay check.

Salespeople must understand that customers buy the professional they work with long before they buy the product and service.

Remember nothing happens until something is sold. Selling drives our local economy. The simple Carnegie Principle of trying honestly to see things from the other point of view works every time.


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