5 Skills for Leadership Success

March 4, 2013

jscreationzsThe best leaders always depend on the involvement of the whole team. Just like with the Yankees, Phillies or Mets, the managers do not win anything without the players on the team performing their very best. Organizations with the best products and services always have the best people in the key positions. It makes sense that leaders and managers continually focus on every employee and their talents and through decision making and problem solving, together they create an environment where everyone wins and everyone contributes.

Only leaders with the key skills manage the best and most efficient businesses. Derived from core Dale Carnegie Principles, these five below indeed make leaders successful:

  • Know strengths and weaknesses: Leadership is never perfect and it is always 100% human in every respect. The better leaders know themselves, the better the organization is over the long term.
  • Encourage ideas: Collective knowledge often leads to idea generation. Allowing risk and interaction can create increased efficiency and offer opportunity for everyone.   
  • Show passion: Wear your excitement and energy on your sleeve. Passion is contagious. Sharing it at meetings and throughout the organization is a clear sign that things are good.
  • Motivate people: All of us need a pat on the back or a direction to follow. Encouragement is essential and it should be given to everyone throughout the organization. Sincerity and caring go a long way.
  • Have a great attitude: Attitude is infectious. A positive attitude is almost like a currency that can be spent on others. A smile and a greeting of affirmation to everyone is also a signal that within the business, times are good.

As we all know, winning in not everything, but success and teamwork rate up there as businesess here in this part of New Jersey grow even more deeply into 2013.

Success and leadership are indeed team sports.


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