What will the New Year Bring Your Business in 2013?

December 31, 2012

It is New Years’ Eve here on the East Coast; it is one of the best days of the year for not only fun but reflection. 2012 has come through our personal and professional lives like a freight train at times. The economy is still sluggish. The Fiscal Cliff could very well increase taxes and eliminate some federal programs and services. At the same time, social media is more and more a key component of our lives and businesses. It has influenced the presidential election back in early November and it has strongly impacted the Christmas and Holiday buying season.

What will 2013 bring as we charge full throttle into the 1st Quarter? One thing that has not changed for centuries is the simple human fact that no one can predict the future. Much of New Jersey is still in Hurricane Sandy recovery. The State and our people continue to get a little better every day. Again, how we handle the future is an important ingredient.

Let’s look at five factors that will make or break our businesses in the New Year:

  • Change is inevitable: Every day and with every new year, change is central to success. Adapting and improving; making mistakes and learning, create a winning culture.
  • Communication skills are integral to goals: Getting everyone on the same page through meetings and dialogue is essential to both opportunity and effort.
  • Teams make sense: No man is an island. Sharing information in small groups and gathering that collective array of talent will improve most every endeavor.
  • Hire good people: Hire slowly and do all the homework necessary to get good people. It is perfectly okay to find energetic prospects that can fit into the culture and the climate of the organization.
  • Training is the foundation: Dale Carnegie Training is central to the future of every business in New Jersey. We support all aspects of training from leadership to sales, and we want to help make your team and your mission the best it can be.

No matter the challenges that 2013 will bring, preparation begins with good people, moves forward with training, and ends with success!

Happy New Year!


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