8 Facts About Business Listening

December 4, 2012

Building and maintaining relationships in sales here in New Jersey is a continuous activity. Since virtually every relationship is an interpersonal one, it is essential that we understand that success means being good at connections. The link quality in many meetings involves the ability to speak clearly and listen intuitively. Doing both is essential.

In every selling situation involving a customer, the ability to ask questions, retain the information, and solve the problem depends solely on listening. Being preoccupied or not paying attention can harm the relationship and stop the sale.

  • Good salespeople must be good listeners. Listening for information is critical to a sales career. It is important to remember:
  • Listening is over 50% of any conversation: Too much talking can harm a relationship. Interaction is critical.
  • Listening is linked to persuasion skills: People buy into and trust individuals who listen to them. This makes it easier to accept what the individual says after listening well.
  • Listening is trainable: Training can really improve listening. Unfortunately, it is the least trained skill.
  • Listening enables common ground: Listening creates the opportunity for idea exchange and the chance to improve.  
  • Listening is a critical component of advisement: Facilitating a concern or problem can only come through listening quality.
  • Listening is a support mechanism: Empathy and listening often go hand-in-hand.
  • Hearing, not listening is a natural ability: Hearing is not the same as listening. Listening takes effort. Without it, poor listening exists.

Listening carefully in every situation is a valuable skill. Whether we are receiving messages, seeking information, or focusing on problem solving, we need listening to do them well. In the sales world, it is the other person not the salesperson that makes the difference.


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