5 Ways to a New Profession

September 4, 2012

You get called into the office. And you really did not expect it to happen. You have been through some tough times in the past. But now you realize that you have to start over in new professional directions, hopefully within the same industry. Here are five strategies that will help you as you begin your new job search here in New Jersey.

  • Use Facebook: This is a new world; this is the one where it is not who you know or what you know it is who knows you. In a positive upbeat way, let your friends on Facebook know you are looking for a new job opportunity or career.
  • Use Twitter: Tweeting your status is very important. There are professionals looking to help you out on Twitter. It is the informational and educational platform with instant messaging, so follow people who have similar interests and follow key aspects of the industry you are interested in.
  • Use LinkedIn:  It is important that your profile is 100% complete and that your picture is a more formal one. Join groups that interest you and ask and answer questions that establish your expertise. Post updates two or three times a week about the status of your job search. Seek recommendations from local professionals who know and respect your work. Use the title “solo professional”, “consultant” or some like title that allows people who know you to realize you are available.
  • Use Networking: Everything is local. Attend productive and known networking events. Get business cards made that reflect your new status. Chamber events are an excellent source for relationships and referrals as well. Start there. Do not sell anything but yourself. And don’t communicate desperation. Just be yourself and get to know others. Success is a numbers game so be upbeat with everyone.
  • Use Dale Carnegie: If Dale Carnegie can shift gears and take the risks needed to start a new career, so can you. Check out the website and assess how Dale Carnegie Training can help you.

It can take a little time to focus on a new job search. But realize you do have resources available. Take a few days to just think through the situation you now are in; develop a game plan, and meet the people who might give you direction. Good luck.


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