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July 17, 2012

In a time where organizations are running leaner, individuals from all ranks must maximize their value, create mutually beneficial partnerships, sell their organizations’ benefits, and increase business connections.

Attending networking events provide a great means to accomplish these things and it comes at a low cost. Here are some ways that you can maximize exposure of yourself and your company while networking from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Central and Southern New Jersey:

Prepare a memorable introduction — Everyone attending this event is going to be meeting many people, and you want to make sure you can stand out in a crowd. Rehearsing a brief introduction will help those you meet remember who you are.

Meet the event coordinators — This is a great way for you to inquire about other attendees. You can also ask the coordinators to introduce you to certain people that you want to network with.

Circulate — When attending these events try to avoid hanging out with people that you know. Expose yourself to as many new people as possible, and then know when to move on.

Take a genuine interest in others — Be a good listener and try to ask good questions to show the other person that they are important to you.

Meet the VIPs and Speakers — Do a little pre-event research and tell the VIPs and speakers what you know about them. Compliment them on the effort they have put forth. Briefly explain what your company does and tie it into what you heard in their speeches. Try and ask them for an appointment, if it is appropriate.

Working a room at a networking event can be highly advantageous to your business if you do it correctly. Follow the tips above and make the most of your time!

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