Developing a Global Mindset as a Leader

July 10, 2012

The world of business is an ever-changing landscape of new ideas and tools that make leadership possible for many. Traditional leadership roles are evolving to include a more global view of how technology and social behaviors influence others. Instead of merely having an influence over a small localized group of colleagues, leaders are able to reach out into the global community today.

As a leader in development, it’s important to understand this shift in mindset, which includes a greater degree of social responsibility. To be a global leader, one must embrace several new concepts in order to be effective. Here are some of the most critical ways you can develop a global leadership mindset:

Honoring Cultural Diversity

In a global economy, you will likely encounter many diverse cultures, personalities, values, and belief systems as you connect with others. This can be a little unsettling at first, as you navigate through communication and relationships with new people from around the world. Take the time to research the cultures of the people who you are interacting with, as they may be offended by your words or behaviors without you realizing it. Respect the cultures and values of others.

Overcoming Language Barriers

How can you be an effective leader when it’s often difficult to communicate with others who do not speak your language? Language barriers can be overcome by learning how to write and speak clearly and precisely in emails and telephone conversations. Learn to enhance your non-verbal communication as well. If you need support, bring in interpreters who can foster better communication between you and the people you want to reach.

Global Community Responsibility

Leaders of today need to be mindful of the challenges of growing the business and sharing responsibility for the communities affected by development. Taking the time to look around you to identify global causes that you can contribute to will help you to see beyond your own little world. Bridge the gap between business associates and agree to collectively focus on making the world a better place by supporting the community of all people.

Being a global leader takes a higher degree of commitment to the well-being of the world as your business efforts expand. Yet, it also offers the most reward. By developing a global mindset, you can become a leader of your industry and a respected member of the human race.

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