Benefits of Proactive Customer Service

July 3, 2012

Many times customer service is a reactive process. It is important to continually build on existing relationships with customers and clients before issues arise. Here are a few suggestions from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Central and Southern New Jersey in taking the more proactive approach to servicing existing customers.

Promote additional programs — Initiate further incentives that will enhance the sale. This can increase add-ons and cross-selling opportunities, giving the customers a value-added experience.

Create a message — Having a consistent company message ensures customers that from purchase to usage your company supports them. Coach sales team to stay on this message.

Follow-up on sales or service — A simple phone call or follow-up letter can go a long way; people appreciate the time you spend on fostering the partnership and make the odds of repeat business very likely. If there are issues, it will be easier to right the situation because they did not have to make the effort in contacting you.

Be prepared. This includes knowing what is expected, professionally handling what you didn’t expect, going the extra mile, and acting as your customer’s advocate.

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