Charisma, and How To Get It!

June 13, 2012

This article on Charisma is from my friend Rory Vaden. Click on the links to learn more about Rory. Much of what Mr. Vaden has to say here can be bolstered by the concious application of Dale Carnegie Principles.
Contrary to popular belief, charisma is something that we can all
improve upon. Some people are born with a higher predisposition to
be charismatic, sure, but it is a skill that can also be learned.

Developing Charisma is one step in a 5 step system that I used –
and now teach- to people who are wanting to become better
presenters. Here is the basic formula for this part:

C- Capture attention right away. You have 30 seconds to capture an
audience so don’t waste it on insignificant platitudes. In my home
study course called “The Audience is Not in their Underwear”


I teach 7 different effective ways to open any presentation.
Regardless of who you are presenting to, “be a microwave and not an
oven” by opening your presentation immediately and strong rather
than pre-heating.

H – Half step up attire. Create a bit of a charmed appearance by
being a half step nicer dressed than your audience.

A – Always keep your composure. People want to follow people who
have it together. So even if you are freaking out in your mind,
stay cool on the outer appearance. Lose composure and you lose

R – Remember the power pause. Pauses are the most underutilized
tool that presenters have. Just PAUSE! It adds drama and charisma.

I – Insist on taking control. We follow people who are in charge.
Don’t bark out orders necessarily but use force and diction in your
voice. Rearrange a room to be the way you need it. And take
responsibility for getting things done.

S – Say it very concisely. Mark Twain said “brevity is the essence
of wisdom.” Keep it short and sweet and it comes off more

M – Make deliberate eye contact. Don’t look people in the eye; look
them in the pupil.

A – Add the appropriate humor. Make sure your humor matches the

If you are interested you can learn specifics on how to do all of
this and much more by checking out my home study course on
mastering presentation skills here:

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