7 Ways to get Your Team to Awesome

June 11, 2012

“No man is an island.” In fact, especially here in fast paced New Jersey, all of us need the strength of numbers in both talent and decision making. Teams make organizations hum; but stagnation can make them “bum”. Great teams can happen over time but not every group that decides issues or solves problems can be good at first or good all the time. Just like in individuals, there are multitudes of imperfection that make or break success.

Here are seven opportunities to get you to the level of awesome:

  • Wide open communication: No red tape, no bureaucratic inertia, no politics, and no groupthink make teams prosper. Devil’s advocacy prevents lazy consensus. Addressing everything and putting them out there on the table is the only way to succeed.
  • 100% participation: Leave if you cannot contribute. No and low energy are never in the meetings. Stuff happens, but attendance is essential.
  • Creativity: Ideas make the business go ‘round. It is the only way to generate opportunities.
  • Treat like you want to be treated: Respect is critical. Keep personal attacks to outside the building. Time is too important for playground antics.
  • Excellent decision making: Hard headed, rigid team members should be excused from being active. New information makes for new ideas. Flexibility is a key ingredient.
  • The right leadership: Regardless of leadership style, delegation and facilitation can promote both vision and values.
  • Purpose: Identity within the group is essential. Guiding Principles, mission, beliefs and values help mold even the most general of activity into some kind of specific commonality.     

Teams can jump start focus and commitment, and they truly are the jewels within the organization in even the toughest of times. Togetherness and openness can create spectacular results.


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