Breakdowns in Team Engagement Could Be Linked to Stress

June 8, 2012

Stress is a major factor in everyone’s life. Multiple research has linked stress to various health risks and complications including increased risks for heart attacks and depression. Most likely, there are individuals within your place of business struggling under mountains of stress. And, when tensions enter the workplace, as they often do, this stress may be behind it. Projects become difficult to manage and team members argue. Team engagement suffers as a result.

Is Your Team Engagement Suffering?

When stress is a factor, it can create decidedly difficult scenarios within a team atmosphere. Even teams that work together well on a day-to-day basis, may struggle when outside stress is weighing down. Productivity falls. In some situations, stressful situations between coworkers can even break down the ability of the team to complete projects and achieve goals. It is in the best interest of the business to manage these situations successfully. How can you overcome these obstacles?

  • Provide each team member with meaningful goals. Know the talents and skills of the individuals, not just the team, and assign tasks best suited for the individual. This reduces feelings of annoyance in other people or grumbling about tasks to complete.
  • Ensure the environment is stress reducing. Create a work environment that encourages a less stressed atmosphere. Use uplifting paint colors, artwork, and even live plants to help you through this process. Create bright light, natural if possible, in the space.
  • Accountability and participation are important for every member. Some people become stressed when they feel as though their opinion or participation does not matter to the team as a whole. Sometimes, some people try to hold others back by forcing their way to the front of the line. Ensure everyone is encouraged to participate and hold everyone to the same standards.
  • Use recognition and appreciation when deserved. Do honor the team’s achievements, not just those of an individual. Ensure that everyone has an opportunity feel appreciated.

By doing these things, you allow for an improvement in the work environment and you reduce the risks that stress will hold back the success of individual members or the whole team. De-stressing benefits everyone.

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