3 Elements for Successfully Mentoring with Leadership

May 14, 2012

Mentor Leadership is fast growing as a sub discipline of leadership and it comes at a great time in our economy. People new to business or fresh out of school, and people making a career change after years in a different field, need the jump start that mentoring offers. Of course, even here in New Jersey, who in leadership has time to slow down and teach someone the basics and the integral processes needed for success? It indeed can seem like extra work for many.

The willingness to step up and teach a new employee what to do is no easy task. It is both time consumptive and challenging. There are three areas of opportunity, if addressed in the beginning of a change in either position or organization, will help both the mentor and the “trainee” partner for growth and understanding.

  • Communication: Time and again, explaining even the most simplest of process and communicating it with a patient hands-on approach will ensure the base confidence needed for change. Right away, relationship is established, and trust is built based on the open communication between the two individual.
  • Clarity: Understanding message is essential for successful partnering and opportunity. Clear objectives and goals are essential. It is always a two way street. The “trainee” must be proactive in sharing skills and background that make the mentoring more focused.
  • Components of mentoring: Although it can be debated that mentoring is an art or a science, it is at least a management hybrid that makes the stress of new responsibility easier to balance.  Mentor leadership must manage problems, have honesty and integrity, and must realize that there is a time limit in the relationship. All mentoring is finite.

The rewards for being a mentoring leader in this economy are often more subliminal than monetary. But an organization with assimilated employees who contribute quickly will make 2012 a lot better than a business unwilling to create purpose for others with a plan of success.


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