Five Ways to Smile

March 14, 2012

It makes little difference if you are a leader, a manager, or a sales or a customer service professional; the best human tool that we have in our business arsenal is our smile. Simply out, most of us just don’t smile enough. It is the same across the country as it is here in New Jersey. Smiles are not as frequent as they used to be.

Is it the economy? Because many of us are spending more and more time on the job; upwards of 60 hours are not unusual. The intensity of most meetings is not a springboard for an out and out smile session; and when was the last time we got eye contact and a smile when we rode the elevator up or down a dozen floors in the busy office building?

Yet a smile is as disarming as it is truly human.  We always remember a smile in a great first impression. When asked, we know just who has that great smile all the time. It indeed is the thing we remember about someone and it overcomes a lot of faults. A smile is very powerful. Let’s look at your professional smile in these five ways:

S: There is simplicity in a great smile. It is easy to do and it helps in communication and in getting things done.

M: It is all about our message. If it starts with a smile and it is perceived as real, it is acted upon and remembered.

I: Nothing is more visible than your professional image. People look at your smile as your billboard.

L: Likeability is a main part of anyone’s character. How can anyone get mad at a smile?

E: There are some days when even building to a smile is a challenge. It does take effort and a willingness to focus on another person. A smile to another person is often perceived as a gift; it just feels good to receive one.

So, the next time things are not going just right with the business, or you are pumping gas into an empty tank; remember that a smile helps even the one who is smiling.

Dale Carnegie once said, “If you want to gather honey, do not kick over the beehive.” In this economy, negativity and a frown need to become endangered species.  

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