Is Your Career and Life Balanced as an Entrepreneur?

February 24, 2012

A lot of people have been asking themselves lately about the concept of work-life balance. This is a term that’s often tossed around in leadership or entrepreneurial circles. For many, this has come up because of a drive to succeed through starting a new career, launching a start-up company, or reinventing a life that was lost due to unemployment or lack of career opportunities. It’s very difficult to find balance when there is so much to do and so little time.

You may be reading this because you have recently found yourself overwhelmed with all the duties you have – from managing a household and family to trying to work a grueling schedule at the office. If you are moonlighting or trying to build a business dream on the side, then this issue is even more tense. You may be feeling disconnected from your family, friends and the life you once envisioned for yourself.

Do you have the signs of an unbalanced life due to work?

There are several pitfalls to being an entrepreneur, which can include many signs of stress that can filter down into your personal and professional life. If you are experiencing any of the following, you are in a period of unbalance as an entrepreneur.

  • Having trouble sleeping because of racing thoughts or feelings of panic
  • Often have the feeling that you are forgetting something important you cannot remember
  • Frequently losing your patience, your temper with others
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with things
  • Never seem to get your to-do list accomplished as planned
  • Forgetting to eat, shower, exercise or visit the doctor when sick
  • Growing more disconnected with yourself, family and friends
  • Cannot remember the last time you had time to yourself

Being an entrepreneur can be challenging, but it can be the most rewarding experience in life once you take the time to plan ahead for some work-life balance. Here are some ways you can start creating a more reasonable lifestyle for yourself, so you don’t go mad in the process.

Create a realistic schedule, including time off.  You are not superhuman, which means you cannot get 100 things done in one week. Instead of maxing yourself out, plan your time along realistic expectations of yourself and others. Then develop a calendar system that keeps you focused on your priorities, including time off to relax and recharge.

Plan out your projects in advance. Sure, you’d like to take on the world, but as an entrepreneur you are only one person for the moment. Take on only the tasks and projects you can reasonably handle in a period of time, then break the project down into bite size tasks so you can get it done on time and to your best standards. By planning ahead, you are more likely to be successful.

Hire someone to help you stay organized. At some point, you will be so bombarded you won’t be able to cope anymore. Be proactive and get someone on board now who can help you stay organized, as well as someone to take calls and check emails when you need time off. You’ll find this to be invaluable as you move forward to maintain balance.

When you are ready to explore more ways to advance as an entrepreneur, and find more work-life balance in your career, Dale Carnegie can help with education and training for leadership.

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