Communicating with Vision: Using Visual Tools for Clear Team Objectives

February 7, 2012

Do you have a vision for your team that is difficult to communicate and motivate?  It may be time to use visual aids to help team members come together towards an important goal. It’s been said the people learn by seeing things, not by merely talking about them. So, it only makes sense that the use of visual tools can help a group of people get excited about a vision for success.

Here are some tips for communicating with vision by using visual aids to make the objective clearer.

Use visual aids for all meetings. Today’s team meetings are made better through the use of visual tools and resources. Take advantage of slide shows, videos, and projected images to share ideas and concepts with others. Give those on the team tangible documents to reference throughout and for taking notes, to spur the creative process.

Use visual terms. In your discussions, use language that illustrates complicated topics with visually stimulating terms and stories. Ask team members to envision these ideas and show them in tangible lists, plans and schematics to give projects new life. Couple these words with real videos and images to further improve the transfer of information and inspire creativity.

Collaborate with visuals. The great thing about engaging teams today is the availability of viewable collaboration tools. Team members can work on projects together in real time, using shareable documents and drawing boards. In meetings, use smart boards to enable the use of this technology across multi-location teams.

Broadcast visuals. Develop a visual campaign for getting the organization on board in a single mission. Let the CEO or other leaders develop a series of videos to launch the idea and encourage team members to get on board. Create digital and print representations of the image of how the goal will be met and what it looks like. This all taps into the visual abilities of your team and facilitates the objective.

As you move towards your goal, visuals can be a powerful method for bringing team members together. Take the time to use all the visual resources you have at your disposal, as well as tapping into new technology to best use this tool.

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