Four Steps in Mastering the Sales Close

January 26, 2012

No one in sales will admit this. But not everyone in New Jersey likes “closing” a customer and many salespeople are very uncomfortable with the entire negotiating and closing process. There are some very good salespeople out there who meet and greet the customer with a  positive attitude and smile. They interview the customer, gain client trust with conversation, and gather the correct information to move forward. They do an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presentation of both the product and the service. But the customer eventually leaves and no paperwork is ever signed and no products and services are ever sold. Turning the prospect into a client is an art. And it is a skill. Usually when the customer leaves, they go buy that EXACT same product and service down the street. And most potential customers leave your presentation and walk out the door because you did not give then ENOUGH reasons to stay and buy from you.

Sales closing is an art and a skill just like riding a unicycle or driving a race car. Not everyone can do it well, and the better the salesperson is at closing, the more practice and experience the individual has had.

You can master closing by doing the following:

  • Be a student of the close: Practice does make perfect. Learn from both your successes and your failures. Take notes after every sales attempt and you will soon see trends to keep doing, improve on and fix.
  • Have a great attitude throughout the sales process and throughout life: Caring about people is a great habit to have when selling something.
  • Keep goals and objectives on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis: Write and remember your goals. Simply know where you are heading.
  • Get in front of your customer: You cannot be successful without your V.I.P. (Very important partner) present.

Remember if closing comes easily, you probably are not learning much. Making a mistake and growing from it is normal and necessary as you get better. As Carnegie teaches, the road to the sale is a long and winding one. Good luck!

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