The Best Organizations are Teams

January 16, 2012

Organizations are everywhere. You cannot grab a cup of coffee, buy a car, eat lunch, grab a slice of pizza or get groceries without the retail face and brand of the company staring back at you from the wall or a neon sign. When you think about it, everyone and everything are an organization of some kind by definition. From your family, your neighbor’s family, the Boy Scouts, to the local church on the corner, we are an aggregate of social systems. Three things are needed in successful organizations however, listening, understanding and communicating.

Often an interesting oxymoron, organizations and communication are truly considered a contradiction in terms in many companies. It is good to know that if leadership communicates with the people it serves and truly involves them in both problem solving and decision making, the end result is almost always increased motivation.

Communication is successful through only two conduits, listening and understanding. Great organizations have people who listen, gather information, work on teams, interview each other for clarity, adapt and respond to change. The best organizations are teams.

The quality of what takes place day to day is solely dependent on verbal and non verbal activity. Any malfunction of either creates problems within the system. It must be managed wisely every day.

Leaders have to focus on the course of action that encompasses and embraces change and that only comes from transactional interaction. It isn’t easy. The speed of communication as we see it in 2012 has made organizations e-villages, regardless of both size and location. Tablets and smart phones make connection a permanent part of the company. We simply never turn off.  Managing people and social media are challenges in this young millennium.

As long as we stay focused on winning friends and influencing people, our mission will always be a sound one. A good team is capable of anything; just ask the N.Y. Giants!

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