Sales Plans: Launching a More Successful Sales Career in 2012

January 11, 2012

2012 is going to be the year you reach for the stars in terms of your sales career! Every successful sales person starts the year right with a sales plan. Think of a sales plan like a roadmap that will take you from point-A to point-B in 12 months or less. Where you are right now and where you desire to be in that length of time is entirely up to you.

While no two sales careers are identical, there are universal truths about sales work that can help you position yourself for greatness in your sales planning. Here are the elements that should be included in your sales plan.

Sales Quota and Territory Definition – The very first thing you are faced with as a sales professional is defining who and what business you want to go after to reach your numbers for the year. While some organizations have imposed these conditions for you in advance, you may have a lot more control over the “black and white” facts than you realize. In reviewing your target market and the sales goals you need to achieve, consider new ways in which to approach your clients and the eventual business they can bring in for you – to help you expand your range of influence in your assigned territory and value to the company.

New Business Acquisition Strategy – This is the pinnacle of any sales career, so tread carefully as you start approaching new business. Start to see things from your clients’ perspectives and consider how your actions can affect your sales. Many well-meaning sales pros go into the New Year with gusto, and end up actually upsetting potential clients in the process. Take the time to get to know your prospects better by networking, asking for referrals from happy clients, and hanging out where your target market is.

Existing Business Growth Tactic – Once you have your clients on board, it’s time to add to this business. Identify unmet needs based on things your clients have voiced in the past. Keep in touch with your clients on a regular basis an ask what additional services or products they are looking for. There is opportunity everywhere, so be open to it. The key is to retain and grow your existing business by treating your clients like gold, and upselling new ideas to give clients more reasons to stay loyal to you. When you are perceived as a one-stop source for more, clients will send more business to you – making your life a lot easier, and increasing your success in sales.

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