The Four Essentials of Customer Service Excellence

January 6, 2012

Here in the Garden State and in the greater New York area, success means customer service. There is a wonderfully eclectic array of restaurants, bars, and businesses in the region and you truly can get anything you want, from any place you want, at any time you want. The capital of American business is right here where we live and work.

To stand out in customer service with this kind of competition, you need to do things right and give the customers and clients what they want and need. You need to always focus on the four basics or the essentials of outstanding customer service.

  • Outstanding Listening Skills: Listening is indeed a skill, just like piano playing or skateboarding. You must get better with practice. Focusing on a solution and listening for opportunity makes your business special.
  • Patience and Understanding: In the heat of a busy evening rush or in the closing of a very lucrative deal, show empathy and relationship. Putting the customer and the client first is sound business.
  • Empowerment: At every level of operations, regardless of position, all employees should be able to make decisions of behalf of the customer that benefits the organization’s reputation and loyalty. Give your people the power and they will use it well.
  • Great Attitude: When employees walk in the front or back door of the business they are “on stage”. Baggage, negatives, and non-business issues are left curbside. Of course, they are allowed to be picked up later after work.

The only service goal is excellence. Your return on investment is critical only if you invest in your customers and clients first. Effective communication is the foundation for customer service excellence.

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