Challenging Change Management with Great Communication Skills

December 8, 2011

Effective communication is at the heart of any good change management plan. While change is an inevitable part of leading, being able to handle the responsibility of communicating this change can lead to more effective management as a whole. Knowing where to start with this plan is the biggest challenge. By putting a strategy in place, any change can have less of a negative impact on others. In many cases, this can help pave the way for improvements.

Read on to learn some tips for using great communication skills to manage the challenges of change in a more effective way.

Create a statement of change for others. Before sharing any change, be sure to create a clear statement that outlines the change from all angles. This statement should include the actual type of change, when it will occur, how it will affect things, and the reasons behind the change. Put this in writing so there is no misunderstanding from day one.

Choose the best time to announce change. Timing is everything, especially with change management. Give careful consideration to when the change should be announced to others, as this time counts. In most cases, change management should take place in stages, with leaders finding out about the change first, then communicating this to those they manage.

Plan the media management of the change. Whenever a change occurs, there will be a lot of speculation as to how, when and why this will happen. Take the time to plan for this in advance, and have control over how the rest of the world hears about it. Use different mediums for getting this message out in both a written and verbal way.

Use ongoing communication as change occurs. Once the change starts, your job will be to continue to provide a consistent, positive message. This will help to better manage the change, and gives confidence to those affected by it. Provide updates and encouragement as things proceed.

Be available for questions and feedback. As the change occurs, one of the best ways to manage things is to address questions immediately as they come in. This can help alleviate any tensions and worry that may come up, as well as dispel any rumors that may arise. As a change manager, it is your job to make yourself available throughout the process.

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