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December 7, 2011

“Mission Beach” I said to the cab driver. He replied back in a contemplative sort of way “Mission Beach eh? OK”.
My wife Heather and I were at the International Convention for Dale Carnegie Training in San Diego California, and we wanted to do some sight seeing. We were not interested in the itinerary that the tour bus took, so we spoke to the Concierge at the Hotel and her suggestion was to go to Mission Beach.
We went out and hailed a cab.
John the taxi driver got under way and then asked us if we would like to see more than just one beach. We responded “yes”.
Then John explained that he gives guided tours, and in two hours he could show us many more things of interest than any bus tour.
I inquired as to the cost and John responded “seventy five dollars for a two hour tour”.
Heather and I expected to pay thirty to forty dollars to taxi out and back to Mission Beach anyway, so we accepted the offer and had a wonderful, personal, private, guided tour of the coast, and many beaches.
We went to a scenic overlook, and saw the bay, our hotel, and the navy base, from a spectacular birds eye view.
John took us to La Jolla and we saw the seals on the beach at the break water (see the attached website), it was amazing.
In the end what John the taxi driver did was “become genuinely interested in the other person” and “talk in terms of our interest”. The result was delighted customers.
Oh, and by the way (from a sales point of view) John more than doubled his potential fare, and had a leisurely two hour visit with his tourist friends.


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