Movie Vision

November 23, 2011

During a break on an HIP class for Joint Base McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst one of the participants handed me his iphone and said “check out Kanti’s movie.” I was floored when I saw a trailer open up for a major motion picture called “When Harry Tries to Marry”. Then, there he is in his yellow shirt and goatee, as the matchmaker, our friend Kanti Pandya.

Patrick Howell from our office introduced me to Kanti four years earlier. We all had lunch together and he shared his vision for a film to be shot partly in New York, and partly in India. I don’t think the film even had a title then. From Kanti’s enthusiasm for the vision statement I thought he was producing the film. As it turned out he was involved in securing the financing, but he was IN the film.

Since that time I have worked with Kanti on one or two other occasions and his enthusiasm is contagious. I figured it was going to be a low budget independent film. I was wrong.

Kanti’s character is very funny. Watch the trailer at the link. Then rent the movie on line or at redbox and you will see what the power of a vision can accomplish.

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