The Six Ways to Sales Business Survival

November 14, 2011

There is a fine line between sale and fail. The words do ironically rhyme but they certainly do not want to be associated with each other.  Sadly, there is a high turnover in any sales position. In this economy, many people who have never been in sales think it is the yellow brick road to big money and instant success. And that does happen ever so rarely. Every once in a while there is the natural who succeeds and never looks back. There are no absolutes in sales. Anything is possible. But for the vast majority of salespeople, there are some things that just have to happen. The main ingredient to any sales success is time. Time just makes things better. The second is client exposure. The third is continued practice. So after time (often up to a year), a lot of client exposure, and the ability to perfect the presentation, a true sales professional should and will find success.

Once you have leveled the playing field for yourself, these six ways to survive will be very useful.

  • Be Different: Often just being yourself makes you different. Customers hate the stereotype. Don’t fall into that trap.
  • Look at the Big Picture: Don’t’ even try to set company sales records in your first month, or even in your 15th month. Set a goal and get to it. In a month, you will see trends you can adjust. In a year, you will have made the adjustments to keep you in the business.
  • Relationship is Everything: Be congenial with everyone you are with; everyone is a potential customer. Agreement and relationship are integral to sales.
  • Collect Information: Get business cards, phone numbers, e-mails, and addresses from everyone you meet. It makes following up a whole lot easier.
  • Have Great Habits: Come to work to work and have a plan. Every minute counts.
  • Be Awake: If you are constantly aware of what is going on around you, your sales will increase. You do not miss anything by simply paying attention.

Selling for a living is a dynamic career. For further tips here is a great Dale Carnegie download!

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