Does Your Corporate Brand Effectively Attract Leadership Talent?

October 20, 2011

There’s a lot of buzz going around these days about the importance of a clear corporate brand when trying to attract consumers. Coca Cola, Nike and yes.. even Google recognize the intrinsic power of corporate branding to get a message across to the masses. A recent Forbes article illustrated the value of a well-designed branding campaign that Thompson Reuters unveiled. They called it their “Intelligent Information” strategy, and it’s essentially the way many companies are trying to get a foothold in a highly competitive market.

While New Jersey and the rest of the nation slowly recover, many organizations are continually struggling to recruit high level candidates from other employers due to fears of instability across all industries. Did you know that your corporate brand can have a powerful impact on how well you attract leadership talent? Here are some things to ponder.

How you actually promote your corporate brand says a lot about your reputation to top candidates. If you are actively sending a clear and consistent message that includes leadership opportunities, the leaders will come. Evaluate how well your corporate brand conveys this message to people who will make good members of your upper management team. Do you portray your company as one that is leading-edge, progressively growing, and striving to recognize employees? If your brand cannot say this, time to start working on improving it overall.

Avoid cheapening your corporate brand with oversaturation. Instead of overdoing it with multiple career campaigns and cheesy advertisements, why not make a concentrated effort to focus on quality marketing campaign that appeals to your intended candidate market? Get to know the candidates to whom you are trying to petition to join your ranks. Find out what their interests are, what drives them, and how you can attract true leaders from among the millions of candidates out there today.

Effective corporate branding can reach more and better candidates in some unlikely places. Just consider that some 750 million people worldwide spend several hours daily connecting on Facebook (as of this article). LinkedIn, a great place to network with and recruit serious-minded business professionals, has 33.4 million unique visits per month. Leaders can be found in all walks of life and most are eager to find new opportunities as they go about their daily interactions with other professionals. Make sure your branding targets these folks too, by posting opportunities on a social network.

Corporate branding is beneficial in so many ways, but even more so when used to its full potential in recruiting talent. Try to make sure that your corporate brand is sending the right kind of message to attract your next leadership team.

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