Sell-gebra is more than a MATH Game!

October 10, 2011

We all remember our grade school and high school math classes. Although some of us were naturally good at arithmetic, we still struggled a little when we were introduced to equations, variables and constants. Algebra is a still classic strategy game more than it is a mathematics’ numbers game. If we skipped a class or missed a homework assignment, we had a tough time. Everything in algebra builds on what is previously learned. Miss a chunk on something important and it was bye-bye good grade.

Leadership and managing people fall under what we can call SELL-GEBRA. Leading and managing are equations of sorts that must equal on both sides of selling you and the team. There are x’s, y’s and constants in Sell-gebra. The variables include climate (morale), customer base, and economic pressures and conditions that can be local, regional and national in nature. The constants include people, salaries, products and services.

The equation we face in business can be fairly complicated and some days we need our eraser and some help and guidance through the questions as we come up with the answers.

We must work on the MATH every day.

  • Message: What are we saying to employees and customers? Are we consistent and focused?
  • Attitude: This is our professional billboard. What are people seeing as we lead and manage?
  • Trust: There is no greater attribute than earned trust. Take the T away and you have RUST!
  • Honesty: Good and bad news are delivered with frankness and regularity; the truth is very easy to remember. People in the organization always know when the leader is fudging the message.

Sell-gebra has purpose! It might mean cancelling the Friday meeting because it’s the Friday meeting that wastes time. The three P’s: positive, purpose, and productivity are always on the ACTION PLAN. Sell a clear message that is balanced and that involves everyone.

Remember that Sell-gebra is a math game not a numbers game. It takes practice, homework, strategy, and even more practice.

Leaders simply cannot afford to FLUNK this course. It is the course to success. It just adds up to smart leadership!

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