Give a Helping Hand

September 29, 2011

It is a sure bet that there was at least one in your life when you needed someone’s help for some reason.  More than likely, that person was more than willing to help you, since they were probably in need at some point, too.  With graciousness and understanding, assistance was given that pulled you through your rough times.  It is in after the help is accepted that you look around you and see that there are others in need, too.  It is a fact of life that there is always someone that has circumstances worse than your own.

Looking back on the times when you were in need of some help, you can understand how others feel when circumstances in their lives affect their quality of living, and sometimes make living at all nearly impossible.  Given this knowledge, it is time to act on it.  The people of New Jersey have been doing just that, with the many charities they support to help out their friends and neighbors.  Some of the charities are local to specific neighborhoods, while others are national charities that continue to assist people in their local areas.  No matter which ones they are, they continue to provide aide to those that need it.

It is your time to give back to your community.  Sharing your time and efforts to benefit others is part of your personal growth.  The world is not all about “survival of the fittest,” but in helping others to survive as well.  Just as someone helped you, you can help someone else, keeping a chain of charitable acts continuing throughout time.  In helping others, not only do you continue in your personal growth, but you show others a path to their own growth.  It is in your actions, not necessarily your words that give a life’s example to someone else.

Some people like to give financial assistance instead of their time, which does help.  But there are some people that need your physical assistance in order to get the help they need.  There are times that it is you that they need, not your money.  For example, with recent flooding in New Jersey, help with the physical cleanup gives people hope and faith in their fellow man.  Something as simple as gathering debris shows that you care.  Not only are you giving necessary assistance, but you get a sense of well-being in helping a friend in need.

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