Discover Your Blocks to a Happier Life

August 10, 2011

There are times that things and feelings get in the way of you finding your happiness in life.  How you react to them is a key factor in their impact on your life, so you have to determine the cause of them and be able to move on.  There are several steps you can take to decipher what is getting in your way.

1.  Discover What You Want.  You will always have more energy doing what you want to do versus the things you find to be drudgery.  But sometimes those small things that you want to put off are stair steps to what you really want.  Do them anyway.  You’ll be happier in the long run, knowing that you got the job done.

2.  Notice Your Inner Voices.  Inner voices are the chatter that goes on inside your head.  We talk to ourselves constantly, reminding ourselves of what needs to be done versus the things that we don’t want to do.  Write down those inner thoughts and explore them at a later time.  You will find that some of them will prompt you to take action in doing what you need to get done in life.

3.  Notice Your Feelings.  Physical and emotional feelings during certain activities can tell you if the action you are taking is the right thing to do.  If you feel uneasy about your actions, perhaps you are going against your values and morals.  Change what you are doing in order to correct actions that are “against the grain.”  There are times that others request that you do things that are not ethically or morally correct to you.  You will find peace in doing what you determine to be the right action.

4.  Suspend Self-Judgment.  Be gentle in discovering yourself.  If you continually judge yourself in the experiences that you find good or bad, eventually you will avoid anything that you judge to be bad.  One experience does not determine the world of experience in any particular area.  So be kind to yourself.  Use the experiences to be creative and imaginative in making experiences positive.

5.  Tell the Truth.  Don’t lie to yourself or others in your self-discovery.  When you make a mistake, admit it and take your lesson from it.  Move on and make what you learned a positive statement of the person you are.  Remember that there is freedom in truth.

The key in self-discovery and overcoming blocks to happiness is the honesty expressed with yourself as well as others.  If you are able to give yourself credit for the steps forward that you take, you will be better able to overcome obstacles in your life.

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