Keep a Strict Daily Schedule

July 22, 2011

Quite often, people are creatures of habit.  Most of us choose what we do during our day or let someone dictate it for us, and then stick to it day after day.  This is fine in pleasing your boss at work.  But what happened to your dreams and goals?  In pleasing your boss, you keep your job.  That’s a good thing.  But you can do more to please not only your boss, but yourself also.  It is necessary to get yourself set up for success through some good planning.

1.     Prioritize – Decide what you need to do the following day before you go to bed at night.  Get those worries out of the way.  In planning ahead, there are times that you can get some items done before they are due, creating less stress in your life while still maintaining your daily schedule.  In this manner, you can get a few knocked off your chore list, please you boss, and still have time to enjoy your life.

2.     Focus – Stay focused on what you want to accomplish during your day.  Stay with your planned activities and schedule in order to find the routine that works for you.  Allow some time to relieve some stress caused from your hard work, whether it is for your boss or around your home.  In having a list of tasks, you can keep referring back to it in order to know what you intend to accomplish.  That focus is necessary in reaching different goals in your life.

3.     Bend a Little – There are times when things come up that just cannot be put off.  As long as you have been following your schedule of tasks for the day, go ahead and fit in that extra one.  It won’t hurt anything, as long as you don’t make it your day’s project.  It may even give more of a sense of pride, since you were able to do the task in “crunch time,” getting the job done right and within boundaries.

4.     Give Yourself Some Praise – When your day is done, reward yourself for a job well done.  Having stayed with your schedule, and completing everything you set out to do in the day, you deserve some time to pamper yourself and relax for the next day.  Watch a movie, eat popcorn, indulge in a favorite snack, or whatever it is that you feel is a good reward for a day well-lived.

In keeping to a strict schedule, you train yourself for success.  The activities you do each day become important to you, and you will continue to do them for as long as it takes to makes a difference in your life.  In following this advice, you have taken one more step in being the person you want to be.

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