Keep Morale High This Summer

July 6, 2011

We all have that tendency to stare out of the windows at the beautiful summer weather while we are working.  It is just human nature to want to enjoy the weather instead of being stuck inside of a building or having to work with an outdoors job.  We would rather be out there enjoying warm weather activities than punching keys on computer, shuffling papers, doing manufacturing work or outdoor jobs such as construction.  No matter what our employment is being out there is better than working.  So how do we get over that summer sluggishness in our productivity?  Sometimes, managers as well as their employees have to get creative in finding their level of productivity when beautiful weather distracts us from our work.

In a lot of cases, people are motivated by a challenge.  For example, awarding people for high levels of productivity during the summer months will prompt a friendly competition among workers.  Perhaps at the end of the work week a gathering of the work group could be arranged to let all know that goals were met in productivity and provide something of reward, such as the common pizza lunch to show appreciation for the hard work.  People love to know that their efforts are appreciated.

Of course, it is not just group motivation that is of issue during the summer months.  The manager must also find the motivation to stay productive.  In using the above example, he or she could find motivation in giving the rewards, since they will also be participating in that activity.  The workers themselves can find motivation among their group by challenging those they work closely with to have the highest productivity in their work functions.  For example, getting reports done accurately and before deadline, or producing a higher product count than their co-workers prompts them to maintain productivity and gives them a higher sense of self-worth.

When the work day is done, everyone should be sure to thank those they work with and be sincere in their appreciation.  In the “dog days of summer” perhaps an occasional social meeting outside of the work place can also be motivation to continue the higher level of production the next day.  Idle chatter, jokes, laughter, and a feeling of belonging to the group keep morale high both in the work place and outside of it.  Even some of the smallest rewards for a job well done will continue to motivate everyone during summer work, as well as throughout the year.

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