Smart Companies Provide Work-Life Balance

June 1, 2011

Even though we’re all trying to get more done with fewer resources, and many businesses’ mantras have become “work faster, harder and more efficiently,” we also know that employees are not machines. And treating them as such will hurt your business and your bottom line.

Creating a work environment that recognizes and allows for your employees’ personal lives, on the other hand, is vital to a thriving company. Michael Crom, executive vice president for Dale Carnegie Training, says that “a happy, well-rounded individual will provide more creative solutions to problems and will get more done in his or her time at work.”

For instance, the mother who knows she can make it to the teacher conference without a hassle is much more likely to show up early for that presentation you need her help preparing. At the same time, inflexible work hours, an overbearing supervisor or excessive expectations can have a negative impact on employees’ outside lives – and work performance.

Some of the benefits smart companies provide that help reduce employee stress – and reduce attrition – include:

1. On-site daycare. A key strategy many high-tech companies have found for keeping women in full-time jobs – and their workforce at critical staffing levels – is ensuring they have daycare arrangements that allow them to visit their children during the day.

2. Personal services. Any service a company can offer, from free massages to an on-site delicatessen to onsite dry-cleaning, boosts morale and saves time. Small companies can partner with other businesses in the community to provide some of these services.

3, Health-centered activities. When employees are working hard to meet a deadline and spend time with their families, exercise is usually the first thing to fall off the list. Encourage a healthy lifestyle by offering discounts to local health clubs and providing exercise classes before and after work or at lunch time. Set up support groups for weight loss, smoking cessation and stress management.

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