How to Build Confidence In Your Employees

May 16, 2011

Great leaders strive to build confidence in their employees. When an employee is confident they become self-motivated and more productive. In addition to that, when a manager makes it a priority to build confidence a by-product of this is increased moral which decreases employee turnover. Here are some tips for increasing the confidence of your team members.

Have an Open Door Policy

As a manager when you make yourself approachable, employees are more willing to come to you with questions instead of making mistakes. When an employee has someone to go to when they are in a jam this will actually make them more likely to take ownership of issues and perform their job with a sense of pride.

Make Sure People Know you Appreciate Them

It is easy to get caught up in the flow of things and only take notice when things go downhill instead of when they are going right. To build confidence in your employees avoid getting caught up in this and tell them how well they are doing. It is easy to assume they already know but that may not be the case. This does not have to be an extravagant action, a simple pat on the back will do.

Offer Thorough Training

When starting a new job people often know how carry out the job functions they were hired for, what they do not know is how their new company does things. Make sure you have a new employee training program in place that will teach vital things a new employee will need to know in order to perform their job. While most people will still be nervous once their training has been completed they will be far better off than if they had no training at all and lead to feel like they are in a sink or swim situation.

Help Find Employee Strengths

Pretty much everyone has a particular skill-set that is not utilized in their normal day-to-day jobs. Find out what your team members are good at and find a way to make use of those abilities within their work day. You never know, you may have some people with extraordinary talents that can elevate your team to a whole new level. Make it a point to find these things out, or you may never know what your people are capable of.

A confident employee is a valuable employee. As we mentioned earlier they will be more productive, content, and easier to manage. By instituting an open door policy, showing appreciation, training, and finding employee strengths you can build a confident team that will work hard for your company. Remember, confidence plays a vital role in the success of the entire company.

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