Getting Through Objections in a Sales Presentation

May 9, 2011

Objections are common during sales presentations, but in general, the less of them you get, the better. If you want consistent sales, keeping objections to a minimum should be your main goal.

Common objections include responses like claiming your price is too high, or that the purchase is not within the buyer’s budget. The best way of keeping objections like these to a minimum is to ask all the right questions. Objections usually happen because the person doing the presentation doesn’t find out just what the buyer truly wants.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all they need to do is show a lot of different items…wrong! Rather than asking all the right questions, they simple spend hours of useless time coming up with answers to questions that should never even come up to begin with.

Remember that having a bit of curiosity is not a bad thing. You should get used to asking potential buyers the right questions, e.g. who, where, what, why. If you stay on point and ask good questions, your amount of objections is going to fall dramatically.

In addition to finding out about your buyer, you should anticipate certain objections before they arise. If you really know about what you are selling, you will be able to deal with or at least confront any objections that come your way. Keep note of any new objections that arise during a presentation. If you use objections correctly and learn from each of them, your number of objections should keep falling.

You need to know that you have qualified the buyer, showed them the correct products, acted in a timely manner and followed up at the right time.

Remember to avoid generalities when you are answering objections. If a prospect voices a specific concern, they want you to address it head on. This is where your who, where, what etc. questions should come into play. And of course, if you asked all these questions at the start of your presentation, the objection probably never would have arisen in the first place! See how this works?

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