The Silly Putty School of Leadership

April 20, 2011

One of the talks that I deliver is titled “The Silly Putty School of Leadership”.  This had it’s birth in a summary that I sometimes do for the session of the Dale Carnegie Course on building flexibility.

The flexibility drills in our course are challenging.  These drills are designed to pull individuals out of their comfort zone in a big way.  They prove to the participant in the class that they can take risks, and benefit from that action.

Using an egg of silly putty we make these points about the drills:

  • For success you have to come out of your shell
  • New ideas require a warm up period
  • Our willingness to mold to new situations is key
  • By being observant we can pick up impressions of others
  • With an open mind we can stretch our selves to new concepts
  • Our flexibility let’s us bend instead of being rigid and snapping

These 6 lessons are some of the points made in that session, and they are what I call “The Silly Putty School of Leadership”.

Challenge yourself to be like silly putty, and you will be able to better navigate any changing environment.

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